Dog Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Program

Your dog’s health is important in assuring they stay physically fit. A healthy four-legged family member can cut down on obnoxious vet bills and ease stress. Currently, over 40% of the current dog population is overweight or even obese. Consequently, obese dogs suffer increased breathing issues, joint problems and cancer. As a result, we have created the Dog Health, Fitness & Weight Loss Program.

For over 10 years, Performance Dogs has been making dogs leaner, healthier, and happier. Our success comes from a combination of our all-natural activities and calculated diet adjustments. Our wellness program is optimized  based upon calories burned and calories consumed to achieve weight reduction goals over the initial training period. Performance Dogs has over 33 years of experience in exercising and optimizing dogs weight for performance activities. We use our customized system to develop a weight loss and maintenance regime tailored toward both the dog’s and owner needs.

Performance Dogs Health, Fitness and Weight Loss program is provided in a board & train format. Furthermore, this format provides an ideal opportunity for our trainers to work closely with your dog. Owners usually understand the science behind weight loss but often do not have success in controlling all variables initially required. Participants receive a custom workout/weight loss regime. Most important, owners training is every Saturday and aids in the maintenance of your dogs results.

Dog Health, Fitness & Wellness Program is a 15 night stay for your dog delivered in the B&T format with owner training and pickup on Saturdays. Your dog will participate in all Daycamp activities. All dogs need a medical assessment prior to participation.


Program cost is $1200. Generally, the program consists of 15 nights of boarding, food and unlimited Saturday group training training. We highly encourage owners to attend Saturday training because this is the perfect opportunity to learn the system to success.

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Rates vary based on your dogs need for SBM training.

We accept ALL dogs with ALL behaviors. All dogs have FUN.