Dog Boarding and Board & Train


Performance Dogs provides dog boarding in a Board & Train format. For those dogs who have graduated from SBM training we offer limited dog boarding on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, all dog boarding at the facility include participation in all daycamp activities.

Performance Dogs also provides dog boarding for those desiring SBM training in a Board & Train format. This is perfect for dogs needing more intensive training or owners unable to pick up and drop off. Rather, our Board & Train program allows owners to drop their dogs off Monday morning and reunite with them at Saturday group training. Hence, Board & Train (B&T) is just another way for a busy owner to have their dog receive our all-natural SBM training and to also allow their dog to enjoy the fun all-natural activities we do as part of training. At the end of the day, your dog enjoys a meal and spacious/safe accommodations to recuperate for another day of fun and learning.


Each night of dog boarding includes training and exercise delivered in the DayCamp format. Almost all dogs rates are predicated upon a free behavior evaluation.

  • $100 (Adult >5 mos old dog). This rate includes our all-natural behavior modification (SBM) training for dogs displaying aggression towards other dogs, humans or both. Includes basic obedience training (come, sit, stay).
  • $80 (Puppy <5 mos old dog). Includes our all-natural basic behavior modification (SBM) training with basic obedience training (come, sit, stay).
  • $65 (All ages) Only dogs that graduate from behavior modification (SBM) training. Some dogs may “test out” of SBM training. Call today to schedule your free behavior evaluation 703-585-5765.