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10331 Piper Lane, Mananas, VA, 20110

Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of dog behavior does Performance Dogs work with?

We accept ALL dogs no matter the dog behavior, breed, age or intact status. We believe that all dog behavior problems stem from a pack problem. Therefore, we encourage owners to come to our facility and learn from our trainers. Performance Dogs helps hundreds of owners in the area struggling with dog on human and/or dog on dog aggression. Our all-natural behavior modification and training format is effective for any and all dog behavior problems. Here at Performance Dogs we see all types of dog behavior problems. We believe we have the solution to all unwanted K9 behavior.

What does my dog do when he is at Performance Dogs?

If your dog is signed up for workouts, once he/she gets to the park we start the day with several pack walks to allow the dogs to meet and greet, and burn off some energy. During the workout your dog will participate in numerous pack walks, if lure reactive he/she will run many laps around the park. Some dogs are good at pulling the weight sled, this activity helps focus their attention on a task and works them out both mentally and physically. Swimming is a big part of the workout, if the water is above 50 degrees we swim! We get in the pool with the dog and will lead them around the pool, alternating from clockwise and counter-clockwise to work out both sides of the body. Some dogs can just be held in place and they paddle away getting a low impact workout. The agility obstacles are used to as exercise equipment. Each dog depending on its capabilities will go over each obstacle 20+ times during a workout. All the activities your dog participates are in a pack setting, so proper social skills and basic obedience commands are reinforced with each workout.

My dog is aggressive toward other dogs, can you help?

The simple answer is yes! The first step is a behavior evaluation, please email or call us to set up an appointment. Once we determine the aggression action that we are going to be modifying, your dog will be recommended for our SBM training. In a controlled setting we set up the conditions which cause the unwanted behavior and make the correction in the moment. Corrections are made human-to-dog or dog-to-dog. Our trainers and pack dogs are trained in the art of behavior modification. We put ourselves and our dogs in harm’s way when doing this type of work. The result is a stable modified dog that is now a part of our pack.

You say you are an “Anti-Humanizer”, what does that mean?

It means that we believe in DOG. Dogs are dogs, and humans are humans. Humans are at the top of the food chain for a reason. Humans possess higher level thinking (i.e. the ability to speak, use tools, alphabets for writing). domesticate wild animals, and the ability to use those domesticated animals as tools themselves. All dogs were bred for a purpose of some kind, dachshunds are badger hunters, Rhodesian Ridgebacks were used to hunt lions, and Australian and German Shepherds were used to herd livestock. Understanding the original purpose for each breed, and the behavioral characteristic that ingrained instinct can create is important when we work dogs of different breeds into our pack. Because we celebrate the purposeful dogs we try to expose them to instinctively stimulating activities.