Rescues and Shelters

Performance Dogs strives to support our local dog rescues and shelters. We understand the difficulty in vetting dogs for adoption and matching owners to rescue dogs. Performance Dogs offers half price on all services for rescue and shelter dogs. Low cost contracts are available for new rescues especially those dogs that exhibit aggression. Monthly modification and training contracts are available at discounted prices for these agencies.

rescueConsulting Services

Performance Dogs believes in creating community and partnerships among other dog care facilities throughout the nation. We also know that dog aggression is the #1 issue among rescues, dog daycare and kennel operations. Stephen Mace provides consulting services for rescues and business owners looking to optimize their operations or add a new revenue source. We have a proven record of success in serving the pet industry through education and demonstration of evidenced-based dog handling and best practices.

Performance Dogs consulting provides the knowledge for safe, efficient & profitable evaluation, handling, modification, and socialization of ALL dogs. This package includes a free risk analysis and program recommendation that meets revenue goals. Upon acceptance facility owners receive key personnel training on dog behavior & the laws of pack, a one day (8 hour lecture) which includes live demonstration and Q&A. Hands-on training of key personnel on the specific best practices for the evaluation, handling, modification, and socialization of all dogs. We personally mentor key personnel by shadowing a full day operation at their facility. Clients are instructed on how to set up daily routines for the dogs that ensures the lowest possibility of aggression between dogs or dog to human. Owners are provided with a detailed report on risk factors balanced to their number of dogs-per-day projections, all teaching notes and phone support.Discounted continuing education and reinforcement training is available to all past and current consulting clients. Call for a quote.

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