No Matter the Issue

Our Training Program Will Fix It!

Performance Dogs first opened its doors as a last resort to owners struggling with an  aggressive dog. Often times owners had been turned away by other trainers and dog care facilities. As a result Performance Dogs became a niche provider in the community. Over the last 10+ years we have grown to fit the needs of all dogs. We continue to specialize in aggressive dog training and have been especially successful in those dogs exhibiting dog on dog and/or dog on human aggression. Most noteworthy is our guarantee to never turning away any dog for any behavior reason.

Performance Dogs all inclusive dog training is such that. We have a Performance Guarantee which is insurance that Performance Dogs master trainers can get command and control of your dog on and off leash! In addition, we are optimistic that owners can get the same level of obedience from their dog but this requires owner participation. Therefore, any dog that goes through our SBM training has unlimited and indefinite access to our Saturday group training class. We encourage all owners to take full of advantage of this.

Free Behavioral Evaluation

We accept ALL dogs (intact, all breeds, any age) exhibiting any behavior. Our all natural training technique and daily workout format allows us to pack up dogs in a safe and fun manner. Therefore, dog owners interested in services should start by scheduling a FREE behavioral evaluation. This meet and greet opportunity is the ideal time for owners to learn about our facility, training methods and unique DayCamp format that sets us apart from all other dog training and daycare providers. As a result, the more you send your dog to us, the more obedient, well-behaved, and healthier they become.

Social Behavior Modification Training

All dogs are encouraged and some dogs are required to complete Performance Dogs Social Behavior Modification (SBM) training. Our SBM training is embedded into everything we do and is the foundation of Performance Dogs. Therefore, if you have an aggressive dog or other behaviors that preclude your dog from going directly into our pack we require SBM training.

SBM training is delivered in a board & train (B&T) or owner pick up and drop off DayCamp format. Our B&T format consists of five nights of boarding for three weeks with owner training and pick up on Saturdays. Our DayCamp format consists of owner drop-off M-F (7am-11am) and owner pick-up (2pm-7pm) at Performance Dogs facility. Additionally, all clients are provided with our all natural training collar and training documents.

Of note, it is very important that all owners are active participants in the training of their dog. Saturday group trainings are highly encouarged for all owners, especially throughout their SBM contract; and even after their contract has ended. We have open training slots throughout the week, call for apts.

  • Adult Dogs (5+ months) $1,500
  • Puppies $1,200

Saturday SBM Training

Our Saturday Only SBM training consists of 15 Saturdays, all with complete owner participation. Saturday group training sessions are from 11 am to 2 pm. Additionally, owners receive our all natural training collar and training documents as part of the package.

$500 (5+ months) for 5 Saturdays
$400 (Puppies) for 5 Saturday

Home SBM Training

2 hour, in home, training session and behavior modification training. Includes all training documents, Performance Dogs all natural behavior modification collar. Also owners unlimited access to Saturday group training sessions. $250 for all behaviors, additional $100 for dogs exhibiting human aggression. No extra charge for mouthing and biting behavior modification for puppies.