I believe, teach, and train that prey drive is the source for ALL dog behavior, and STABLE SUBMISSION the doorway to behavior modification training and a harmonious existence with your dog. I did not make this up. The dogs taught me, and it is what I witnessed and learned so far in 10 years of professionally studying domestic dogs in packs.

Prey drive is active internal to the pack, dictating all behavior responses or PREY DRIVE ACTION between pack members, and all behavior responses to stimulus external to the pack. Prey drive action from a dog is triggered by ANY stimulus internal or external to the pack that is communicating DOMINANT and/or UNSTABLE behavior by sight, sound, smell, or taste. There will be an upcoming blog dedicated to the discussion of examples of dominant and unstable behavior from stimuli.

The quicker dog owners understand prey drive and, more specifically, their dog’s prey drive action, the quicker they will be able to gain NATURAL command & control of their dog inside and outside the home. “Natural” means that the dog responds to its owner and any other human pack member as a stable dominant and accepts its place as the stable SUB-DOMINANT. “Natural” means owners modifying (in the moment of trigger) their dog’s prey drive action towards internal and external stimulus (inside the home or on a walk for example), invoking and reinforcing submissive and obedient pack behavior in any setting.

By embracing artificial or man-made methods of behavior modification training (medication, shock collars, prong collars, clickers, food, thunder shirt, etc.), the pet industry is missing the mark and leading dog owners down an expensive, incomplete, and confusing pathway when behavior issues arise. More attention needs to be paid to a dog’s PREY DRIVE and the ALL-NATURAL way humans can modify it to their liking.