Performance Dogs Training

First and foremost, dogs are family! Just like children, dogs need structure and stimulation both mental and physical. In addition, dogs need to learn in the natural manner in which they do in nature. Therefore, our dog training techniques mimic what a mom dog does to a pup when no humans are present. This allows us to humanely, naturally and effectively modify any dogs unwanted behaviors.

Dog training is a highly debated field and there are many trainers that use things such as shock collars, clickers and/or food in the training of dogs. These methods consistently lack lasting results and are often inhumane. Performance Dogs has 10+ years of using our all natural training format with continue success.

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Our Mission

Dogs need exercise, mental stimulation and companionship every day to lead a happy, healthy life. Most people do not have the time or space to give their dog(s) what they need.

Providing our four-legged friends with the time they need to run, jump and socialize helps strengthens their hearts, lungs and muscles. This aids in equipping them to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

It is no coincidence that dogs smile when they run. The truth is every dog, no matter what size or breed, needs a daily dose of exercise. This is more than a trip around the block can provide. Performance Dogs outdoor and indoor fitness park has been exclusively created for dogs. No matter what your dog’s physical ability, behavior or age, Performance Dogs provides a custom workout and training schedule for any dog. We guarantee to keep your dog fit, active and ultimately better behaved.

All vets will agree, dogs require physical workouts, as well as, mental stimulation they will get bored. Our activities include extreme agility and obstacle courses, swimming, dock diving, treadmilling, weight pulling, as well as lure courses and jumps. These custom designed activities trigger your dogs natural instincts. There is no doubt that a stimulated dog is a better behaved dog which makes. Performance Dogs the ideal solution for hyper-active, destructive or aggressive dogs.

Our daily off-leash activities, training and socialization will ensure you have a happy, healthy, and well behaved dog to come home to.

Our Founder

Stephen Mace is the founder and owner of Performance Dogs. In 2016, Performance Dogs expanded from a single yard to a state of the art center with over 100,000+ square feet of outdoor and indoor turf. Stephen has over 35,000+ hours of hands on experience modifying and training dogs. He has perfected an all natural behavior modification technique and training format that works for every dog and any behavior.

Stephen is an expert in the laws of pack which allows him to effectively train dogs without using food, shock collars, choke collars, gimmicks, etc. He regularly presents seminars to dog handlers, trainers and owners across the DC metropolitan area. His book The Laws of Pack will be on shelves in December of 2016.

Stephen also lobbies locally and federally for dog statue revision. Additionally, he is an expert witness in dog bite cases and established The National Dog Defense Database (N3D). The N3D’s mission is to spread the knowledge that dog aggression is always provoked and that dog behavior is predictable if owners are aware of their dog’s prey drive. He also is an active member of a nonprofit that advocates to stop humanization of dogs. Lastly, Stephen contracts with insurance companies to test prey drive threshold which then aids in determining insurance premiums.